Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Smoking Gun

Eva Amurri :

Do Atheists Ever Question Their Own Ignorance

Jutta Speidel :


Carolyn Crotty :

Everything you said is a lie.

Janet Wood :

I question reality every day. I'm very aware that I don't know everything.

Jennifer Love Hewitt :

what religion are you if i may so ask? If you are christian i will tell you that atheism is a by product of christianity. and if you do not like that you can kiss my butt because its true

Joanna Bogacka :


Donna Mills :

do religious people ever question their own ignorance?

Toby Poser :

NO! we are happy, nothing to question

Mavie Horbiger :

I'm not atheist at all!! But most people don't acknowledged ones own ignorance, therefore...You can't question something you dont know/think exists.

Teri Garr :

all the time.

Jeanne Balibar :

they seek to correct ignorance through learning, not faith.

Arabella Weir :

what on Earth are you talking about? I have a thirst for knowledge, that's probably why I became a scientist

Eva Derrek :

They do daily on here bashing Christians.

Glori-Anne Gilbert :

If you want an answer, don't preface it by a diatribe of your own. You have not asked a question actually just posited your own beliefs.

Apollonia van Ravenstein :

If we are to assume that the beginning statement is your question, then I believe the answer is no, as to be an atheist means you are ignorant of your own ignorance. Then again, Ignorance is Bliss.

Emmanuelle Beart :

Kim Hamilton :

read the right books and you will actually learn.

Zeenat Aman :

Atheism is NOT a religion. It simply means the person does not choose to follow the mythology of any religion, ie christianity.

Shungiku Uchida :

The very thing you describe is exactly why the religious tend to be mindless, lead by the nose sheep whose only source of knowledge are 1,700 year old fairie tales. Someday you may wake up and join reality.

Angie Dickinson :

And this question is supposed to make non believers question themselves? Your not helping the cause. You make christians look pushy and overwhelming. I'm a christian, and i just accept people the way they are. If we are to believe God created them, and God is not wrong, then how can they be unacceptable. We need to love everyone, just where they are in life right now. Just like someone did for you. Pass on the love, drop the hate.

Daniela Pestova :

"Divine books revealed by the Creator"-You

Naomi Oki :

Which divine books? the torah, the bible, the quaaran, the book of mormon?, there are plenty of sources out there and they cant all be true. how do you know which one is real? do you just go with what your parents told you, or how about some ort of non-descriptive feeling like "I know it's the truth because I can feel it."

Tereza Brettschweiderova :

you need some system of logic to determine the truth from reality.

Candy Moore :

that's what science is

Ria Pavia :

why your books are divined, and our are ignorant?

Ana Allen :

I fail to see what this has to do with atheists. If anything this sounds like the definition of religious belief - unquestioned ignorance passed down from generation to generation. Your so-called Divine Books of the Creator are exactly that - an ignorant attempt at explaining life.

Lori Alter :

Yes, becuase we are closer to self-actualization (or ZEN if you will) than you insecure religious nuts.

Alison Elliott :

true wisdom comes from knowing that you know nothing, it is a lot more dangerous to not know that your an idiotic nut, than to get stoned and question the things you dont know.

Sylvia Poorta :

If you dont question your own ignorance wont your god think you are too proud? your a hypocrite, man.

Jade Duboir :

That's really odd. Do you really mean all of that? Because that's exactly what I have always thought about christianity. I stopped being a christian because I realized that I couldn't trust that:

Stefanie Petsch :

1)the people telling me what they believed were telling me the truth, many times they have alternative motives

Genia Krukova :

2)Even if I did trust them, I couldn't trust their source-and repeat that all the way through history.

Valerie Bonnier :

So I can't believe that the bible is the word of god. I only have people's word, and that is too often uninformed or misinformed intentionally.

Silvia Munt :

It was a sad day. One of those, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I realized it moments.

Michelle Zeitlin :

We all should question our lives everyday. Christians also do everything you stated above.

Phillippa Wilson :

Sounds like you have the religion thing down pat (ha! ha!). What do they say in the good book about loving thy neighbor? or...let he who is without sin cast the first stone? Be careful of stones that YOU throw. I'm not atheist but I am agnostic. PROVE IT! Faith & faith alone is what you have. And I would speculate you're a very lonley person. Not to worry--I'LL SAY A PRAYER FOR YOU, how's that?

Kim-Young Soon :

yes. they do.

Nancy Lodder :

I was Atheist, at one time --- but I am no longer.

Luana Anders :

the reason why:

Elizabeth Sandifer :

**I seriously took a look at why I believed what I believed (which in actual fact "I didn't."...thus, "Atheist.")

Andree Pelletier :

Since then, I've opened my mind to other teachings (including pagan...) and also Christian teachings...and so, (at the time) I prayed

Marie-Josee Croze :

"God, if you exist - help me understand your Bible...Help me see past "self"...Help me to have Faith."

Kristen Fontaine :

Guess what?

Annika Pages :

He did.

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

And now, I'm a HAPPY Christian!! I found the truth, and the "TRUTH HAS SET ME FREE!" :)

Mariana Lobo :

So yeah, there's still hope for Atheist.

Nina Cho :

Someone was praying for me, so I'm going to return the favor to the rest of them out there...

Nathalie Sesena :

My advice: Just give it a chance...

Michelle Garrin :

You obviously dislike Athiests.....

Corinne Dacla :

But from what I've seen, especially on this site, most Athiest use logic (instead of a leap of faith) to come to their conclusions. They are far from being ignorant.

Veronica Smirnova :

YOU have every right to speak your mind, but you must give others the right to peak their minds also! Don't try to shut people up just because you don't agree with their point of view!

Bianca Rocilili :

No, but it's pretty evident that you should question yours!

Lydia Verbeeck :

Divine books revealed by the creator.... ha ha witten by hallucinating chaps.

Tomoko Mayumi :

What bunch of crapyou say. Gee whiz.

Maria Sonara :

Well, I dunno, All I can say is that we were a good society in the early to mid 1900s, but now, since the country has thrown out God from the public schools, and embraced secular-humanism, which teaches that there is no absolute wrong or right, and if it feels good then do it. Just watch the evening news, and you'll see it's chock-full of bad news. morality in the US is in shambles.

Mary Elaine Monti :

guess what those books arn't divine they were written by you honestly believe an octogenerian built the biggest ship ever at that time by himself and then gathered 2 of every animal ever by himself and then the entire earth was flooded so there was no dry land? You know who taught me about science and language and has gained all of our knowledge by standing on the shoulders of the giants who have come before us. You were educated by your ancestors to believe a man walked on water and raised a man from the dead. You trust this unfailingly. Could it be at all possible that the bible isn't meant to be read literally but is a series of parable like stories meant to teach faith and goodness? But people were taught by their ancestors to trust the infallible word of the bible and if not they will have a hand strike at them from 2000 years in the past. Who is the ignorant one and who is the one questioning the system.

Amanda Ooms :

P.S. I believe in God, and think that he would be disgusted by all of the murders done in his name and by the way his teachings have been corrupted

Goya Toledo :

Au contraire, my parents, grandparents and all ancestors before them were born and raised Catholic, as was I. That is, until I woke up and realized: what a crock of s***!

Nuria :

And I have indeed retained all the morals I was taught and have taught those same morals to my own children, so you needn't fear that my children will become mortal monsters. I know of a LOT of so-called religious people whose own kids are in jail, drop-outs, drug addicts, etc.

Julie Strain :

Your words can also be used to describe the brain-washing that goes on in churches of all denominations.

Marina Morgan :

As a general rule, atheists do not get their beliefs from their parents or ancestors. In fact, most, like me, come from religious homes. It is by closely examining those religious teachings that I came to believe that there is no god. My own children are free to believe what they will. They can go to any church (I will drive them) or to no church. You are right about this much, that atheists tend to encourage a moral code in their children. I only wish the religious families would do the same and develop a moral code based on the needs of society rather than the demands of a vengeful god.

Aglaia Szyszkowitz :

Hes a muslim. A violent one too, just look at some "answers" he gives in the past.

Iva Singer :

Im surprised he is still on here, I know people have reported him countless times for his hateful answers.

Claire Hackett :

Realizing that it's improper to answer a question with another question, I shall nevertheless go ahead and do it. You talk of a "creator" and all the rest ...... Do you however, question the fact that you were not there at the moment of "creation" to attest to it's authenticity, Your "divine books" were written by who ? Since you did not witness this particular event, everything you say of it is based on belief. A belief based on written work from your ancestors. What is the difference then, between you and the so called atheists ? I shall tell you. Atheists are those who use their thinking prowess to compute happenings in life, while you, on the other hand, are just content to accept what your "ancestors" have decreed in your "divine books".

Julie Debazac :

You call divine the bible? well, write 400 years after Christ, the bible is a joke!.

Bik Wing Chung :

Did you ever question your faith? Have you ever asked yourself if Christianity could possibly be wrong? It's the same concept.

Veera Degerholm :

That's funny. As I know it, and I don't claim to be an expert, there were no Divine books revealed by a creator, but rather various stories told for thousands of years until they were finally scribed, and then more years later collected and published as a whole.

Ildiko Szucs :

Why are Atheists ignorant? Maybe it is you that is ignorant of reality?

Suen Tung Tung :

I personally do not believe in religion, not just a god (agnostic), and ignorant, I am not. I am knowledgeable in many religions, not just christianity.

Anmar Strand :

Now that I look at your diatribe, it can be used to describe those of your, or any other, faith or non-faith. You were exposed to your religion and beliefs by your parents, guardians, peers, etc...

Johanna Wokalek :

We are all by-products of our up-bringing.

Jennie Linden :

My parents on the other hand, are god-fearing people, where as I am not. I also do not push my beliefs onto my son. He goes to church with his grand-parents, and will make his own decision when he is ready. There is no harm in being exposed to something that may help reinforce the set of morales we instilled in him.

Benedicte Loyen :

The question is loaded with "Atheists are ignorant," which is not always true. Perhaps you should rephrase the question as not to presuppose that athiests are ignorant. i.e. Don't resort to name calling when you have a serious question to ask.

Venice Grant :

I will remark however, that, on yahoo answers, there appear to be many religious people who express a conciderable amount of disdain for people who do not share their religious belief systems. For some people professing to be Christians, that strikes me as rather odd, seems that they didn't get the message from their god.

Bik Wing Chung :

as a matter of fact, i question my beliefs all the time, its my dity as a christian, not a sheep. but i like the way you asked a question, insulted everyone, then judged them with B/S rhetoric you proly got from sean hannity or something, then answered your own question with a smug and pompouse attitude... good going, im sure you just drove another non beleiver away from the church...good moves, i bet god appreciated it

Valery Valmond :

Short answers:

Kim Gillingham :

1. Yes.

Diane DiLascio :

2. I think you think you dazzle us with your logic when all you have really done is perpetuated the spread of misinformation.

Niki Greb :

Long answers:

Nicole Garza :

1. Of course. No atheist thinks that he has all the knowledge he needs. That is the mindset of the faithful. The atheist acknowledges his ignorance and does what he can to learn more about himself, others, the world, and the universe, never being satisfied that he has learned enough. It is the faithful who think that everything they need to know can be contained in one book.

Madeleine West :

2. We will never agree on your definition of "ignorant societies," but I would like you to give some examples. The fact is that I can easily reword your question to fit my own needs simply by rewording it so that the faithful societies are ignorant ones. A better argument would not be so easy to pick apart.

Mimi Lazo :

Why do you find fault with learning from older people? Is there anywhere in the Bible or Q'uran where it says how to build a shelter or grow grain or slaughter a pig or catch a fish? The "knowledge" contained in scripture is not practical. The information that your parents can teach you is.

Pilar Saavedra :

You're also missing the point that faith needs ignorance to keep itself going. I think we all know in which societies the truly ignorant reside.

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